SPCA of Texas Fur Ball Follow-Up Survey

1. SPCA of Texas' Fabulous Fur Ball Survey

1. Was the 2010 Fabulous Fur Ball your first Fur Ball experience?
2. Please rate your satisfaction with the following parts of the event:
Very DissatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedNeutral
Overall Experience
Length of Event
Value for Cost
3. How likely are you to recommend Fur Ball to a friend or colleague?
UnlikelySomewhat UnlikelySomewhat LikelyVery LikelyN/A
Please choose one.
4. How did you hear about Fur Ball?
5. How does the SPCA of Texas' Fur Ball compare to other fundraising dinners you may have attended in the past?
6. What suggestions do you have for the 2011 Fur Ball theme?
7. Do you have any other comments or feedback on this year's event?
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