FAME Conference Evaluation

1. I increased my understanding of the economic and environmental challenges, and opportunities, facing farming operations in our region.
strongly disagreestrongly agree
2. I discovered that diverse agricultural enterprises and non-farm stakeholders share common interests that I was not aware of previously.
strongly disagreestrongly agree
3. My Roundtable group succeeded in building agreement around actions to secure a vibrant future for agriculture in our metropolitan region.
strongly disagreestrongly agree
4. What is the one action or idea out of this conference that you most hope will be acted upon?
5. Reflecting on what you have heard at this conference are you more or less optimistic about the future of agriculture in our counties?
6. I am leaving inspired with ideas and materials and new contacts.
strongly disagreestrongly agree
7. Is there an action that you feel you will take based on your experience at the conference? What is it? What assistance might you need?
8. What went particularly well about the workshop and how it was run?
9. What would you change about the workshop and how it was run?
10. Please indicate they days you attended and if you are an ag producer or ag business (this will help us interpret responses and impact of the conference).
Also, let us know if you have any final thoughts!
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