San Juan College New Student VA Education  Benefits  Proccessing Survey

1. Are you using VA Education Benefits for the first time at San Juan College?
2. In what way did you receive information for education benefits processing?
3. Did the Veteran Center provide the information about processing VA Education Benefits clearly and in a timely mannor?
4. Did the Veteran Center staff go over or explain the New Veteran Student Checklist with you?
5. Did the Veteran Center staff discuss your responsibilities as a student using VA Education Benefits?
6. Did the Veteran Center staff explain required documents needed to process your VA Education Benefits?
7. How confident is your ability to provide the correct documents to process your benefits for your next semester at San Juan College?
Confidence Level
8. Please list the documents you learned were needed as a returning student to process your VA Education Benefits?
9. Did the information you receive make your registration and benefits certification easier?
10. Please list two things the Veteran Center can do to improve VA benefit processing information.
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