Exit Survey

We are interested in why you are leaving Furman. We want your input in order to better understand your reasons. Please complete the form below.
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Furman ID (7-digit)
4. Furman e-mail address
5. Personal e-mail address
6. Class
7. Who is your advisor?
8. If you are transferring, where do you plan to attend?
9. I will finish at Furman
10. Please select Yes or No for each item.
Furman was my first choice of colleges.
I was prepared for Furman's academic standards.
My grades reflect the effort I put in the classes.
The RA on my hall was someone I could talk to about any concerns/problems I had.
11. Did you visit Furman before you enrolled?
12. If you answered "Yes" to 11, please choose all that apply.
13. Did you attend any of the Furman on-campus recruitment programs?
14. If you answered "Yes" to 13, please choose all that apply.
15. Please answer Yes or No for each item.
Did you participate in Heller Service Corps?
Did you participate in Leadership Edge?
Did you participate in the Summer Outdoor Experience program?
16. Please list your extracurricular activities.
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