Pulmonary Artery Catheter (PAC)

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1. Which is your school of anaesthesia
2. What year of training are you in
3. Are you undertaking the joint CCT in Intensive Care Medicine
4. How much intensive care medicine have you done so far?
5. What type of intensive care have you worked in? (Tick all that apply.)
6. Other
7. How many PAC Insertions have you been directly involved with?
Observed insertion
You have been supervised inserting
Unsupervised insertion
8. How many patients have you obtained PAC data from e.g PCWP and CO
Observed data collection
You have been supervised obtaining data
Unsupervised data collection
9. Of the above number in Q7 & 8 how many were in a cardiac patient
InsertionData collection
10. How confident are you in instituting treatment on the basis of your own analysis of PAC values, both direct and derived values
Very confidentConfidentUnconfident
Level of confidence
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