2012 USDA Agricultural Ambassadors Program - Counselor & Teacher Recommendation

1. Recommendation Letter - Teacher/Counselor

1. Contact Information
2. Student
3. Please rate the applicant in comparison with other students known to you who have applied for internship and leadership programs.
Below AverageAverageGoodExcellentN/A
Academic Excellence
Leadership Qualities
Interest in Agriculture
4. Please type or paste a letter of recommendation. We ask that your recommendation include answers to the
following questions, and invite you to provide other pertinent information: 1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? 2. What characteristics has the applicant demonstrated which indicate to you that he or she will be successful as a USDA Agricultural Ambassador? 3. Please comment on the applicant’s strengths, as well as areas in which the applicant still needs to develop.
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