2013 Legislative District 16 Survey

1. What should be the Legislature's top priority in the 2013 legislative session?
2. Which taxes are of greatest concern to you and your family? Please rank in order with 1 being of greatest concern.
N/AState Income Tax
N/AProperty Tax
N/AInheritance Tax
N/AOccupation Tax
N/ASales Tax
3. Please indicate how important the following state policy issues are to you and your family.
Not ImportantImportantVery ImportantN/A
State Health Insurance Exchange
Economic Development/Job Growth
State Aid to Education
Broadband Technology Services
Voter Identification
Medicaid Expansion
4. Please leave additional remarks or expand on your responses from the questions above.
5. Senator Brasch would like to know who you are. Please leave your name and contact information.
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