2013 Exhibitor Information Survey
Thank you for participating in the AIA Wisconsin Building Products Expo. This online survey will collect names for badges. Name badges will be prepared and ready for pick-up at the registration desk in the Lakeside Commons of Monona Terrace beginning May 8. Please use upper and lower case letters where appropriate.
Please provide the name of the Exhibiting Company.
Please provide the names of team members working in your booth (up to four).
Badges are allotted as follows: Four (4) for the first booth, and two (2) for each additional booth space rented. Extra exhibitor name badges may be pre-ordered for $3 each (Download PDF: www.aiaw.org/convention/Documents/NameBadgeForm.pdf). 
Any extra, lost or substitutions will be available on-site for $5 each and must be paid at the time of request. Set-up crews do not require name badges. General admission attendees are admitted free (Plain Badge instead of Exhibitor badge).
We've rented more than one booth . . . additional booth representative (#5)
We have more than one booth . . . additional booth representative (#6)