Loopmasters Producer Survey 2014

1. About you - please fill in so we can understand who you are and where you are from (we need at least an email address for prize winners)
2. How old are you?
3. In what country do you currently reside?
4. Do you work in the music industry?
5. If yes, please state which area.
6. What type of producer are you?
7. What type of music are you producing?
8. Are there any genres/styles missing from our collection that you would like to see on Loopmasters?
9. What type of samples do you need?
10. What do you mainly use for music production?
11. What formats do you mostly use?
12. Which Soft Samplers do you commonly use?
13. Overall how happy are you with Loopmasters products purchased?
14. Have you had any contact with Loopmasters support? If you have, how would you describe the way you felt about that experience?
15. Have you bought any libraries from any of the other labels that we are proud to feature on our website - and any comments?
16. Are there any other labels you would like to see us selling on the Loopmasters site?
17. Please rate how strongly you take the following into consideration when purchasing a pack.
Very ImportantImportantNot Important
Product Description
Demo Song
Customer Product Rating
VIP Reviews
Press Reviews
18. What do you think of our prices?
19. Would you be interested in a subscription service to Loopmasters which allowed you to get a certain amount of content per month? This model would give you a discount on normal prices along with exclusive content every month.
20. If you are interested in a subscription to Loopmasters how much per month would you be prepared to spend?
21. How do you rate our new Loopmasters site in the following areas?
Excellent!GoodOKNot so GoodReally Bad!
Site Looks
Categorisation Of Products
Explanation Of Formats
Demo Player
Product Suggestions
Payment Processing
File Delivery
Speed of Downloads
22. Have you used our new Wishlist?
23. Have you browsed our new selection of online training courses from ProducerTech?
24. We've integrated our blog into the site under a new section called Loop+ . Are you aware of Loop+?
25. If you have visited Loop+ do you find the tutorial content useful?
26. We will continue to work on adding a range of content to Loop+ which we hope will be interesting and informative to you. Which of these are interesting to you?
27. Have you ever made a purchase because you saw a banner on the site that caught your attention?
28. If you are on Facebook do you ever come across our ads?
29. Are you subscribed to our Youtube channel?
30. If you are subscribed to our Youtube, what do you think of the content?
31. Do you have any general feedback or suggestions on how we might improve our Youtube channel?
32. Are there things any of our competitors do that you think we should implement?
33. Have you visited our new store Pluginboutique.com?
34. Thanks for completing our survey!

We hope you enjoy a free download of the Zampler plugin from our sister site PluginBoutique - which comes with a great selection of content from Loopmasters.

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5 lucky winners will also be drawn at random will receive 5 Artist Series DVDs of their choice and a copy of our BigKick plugin.

Finally, if you have any feedback for us at Loopmasters, positive or negative which you would like to give us to let us know what you think about us and how we might support you better in the future, please let us know in the comment box below.