Lake Rousseau Aquatic Plant Management Survey

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Please help us identify key areas of interest and concern as we develop the 2014 aquatic plant management program for Lake Rousseau.
1. Please enter your name and email.
2. Please select which titles best describe your relationship with Lake Rousseau.
3. Approximately how many days per year do you spend on Lake Rousseau?
4. Please rank in order (1,2,3) your three highest concerns about aquatic plant control on Lake Rousseau with 1 being your greatest concern.
Effects on boating access
Effects on fishing quality
Effects on duck hunting
Ecological effects of chemical control
Effects on other recreational access
Effects on threatened species
Too much control
Too little control
Effect on property value
Effect on regional economy
Effects on flood control
5. What is your opinion of the amount of hydrilla on Lake Rousseau this past year?
6. What is your opinion of the amount of water hyacinth and water lettuce on Lake Rousseau this past year?
7. Please comment on the number of access trails and boating channels on Lake Rousseau.
8. Please indicate if you have read and what you thought of the current Lake Rousseau Aquatic Plant Management Plan.
9. Please indicate areas and locations of particular concern to you and why these areas are important to you, such as (e.g. ‘Smith’s pasture is an important fishing location’, ‘Old Mill area east of Bluegrass is a popular duck hunting area’, ‘access impeded by hydrilla in County Trail C, etc.).
10. Please use the following space for additional questions, comments or concerns.
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