IAHE Competition Team 2009-10 Survey

2009-10 Team Member Survey

Hi Team!
Thank you for your hardwork, and congratulations again [:
Please fill out this form regarding your thoughts about the competition and indicate your availability for the Canada trip.
We appreciate your responses!
1. As the first team, we receive paid registration for up to 5 students plus the lead faculty member at the 19th WHEC Conference, 3-7 June 2012(http://www.whec2012.com/), Toronto, Canada. Would you be interested in participating in the trip?
2. As we are only given 5 paid registrations for the conference, please comment on your motivations for participating. (eg. Your past contribution to the team; your commitment to leading the next Princeton H2 team; etc, etc. This question is optional and stress-free! )
3. Are you interested in editing the final report?
4. How did you like our teamwork? What do you think should be improved? (Optional, but we appreciate your thoughts!)
5. Please indicate your level of interest in future participation in Princeton-IAHE.
No interestIt depends on my availabilityI want to remain as a memberI want to be a team-captain/officerI want to lead the PU-Chapter!N/A
6. Please leave your suggestions for the organizers of Hydrogen Design Competition: How did you like/dislike about it? Any changes you might suggest? (Note: please try to input serious comment; you may receive credits from IAHE.)
7. Please leave your name and email.
8. Thank you for your time and input! Please leave any other comments here.
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