Inspiring Adventures

1. Thanks for taking the mic and letting us know what inspires your travels.

Let's get started by telling us a tiny bit about yourself...*

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2. What inspires you to travel? (Click all the apply)
3. Has an inconic person (artist/explorer/writer/musician/activist etc) ever inspired you/could ever inspire you to visit a particular destination?
4. Have you ever followed, or would you follow, a famous route for the sake of the journey? (eg Silk Road, Route 66, Trans-Siberian etc)
5. Have you/would you travel overseas to watch and/or participate in a major sporting event?
6. Is there a book or something from the world of literature that has inspired you to visit a destination?
7. Would you ever travel to a destination to watch a gig/music festival/show/concert/ballet/play etc?
8. Would you visit a destination based on its art and/or art galleries?
9. Is there a particular song/album/composer that inspires you to visit a destination?
10. Has a movie ever inspired you to visit a destination?
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