Salisbury Police Survey

All information submitted is confidential and will be routed only to the Chief's Office at the Salisbury Police Department.

1. Today's Date?
2. Your Name?
3. Are you a Salisbury resident?
4. Have you had an encounter with a Salisbury Police Department employee in the past 30 days?
5. If you have had an encounter with a Salisbury Police Department employee, please let us know how that encounter went.
6. How safe do you feel in Salisbury?
7. What area of Salisbury do you live?
8. What services would you like to see more from the Salisbury Police Department?
MoreThe same amountLessNone
Visible Patrols (police cars)
Walking Patrols
Bike Patrols
ATV Patrols (beach)
Neighborhood Watch Program
Citizen Police Academy
Speed Trailer Deployment
9. What are three major concerns regarding safety in your neighborhood?
10. How would you rate the overall performance of the Salisbury Police Department?
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