E-52 Alumni

1. Please Provide the Following Contact Info:
2. Graduation Year:
3. Do you have your alumni card? (If not, please make sure your address is listed above and we will send you one. Present your alumni card at E-52 performances to get in for free).
4. Current occupation:
5. Did you hold any exec board or chair positions in E-52? (Please list them, along with years, if you remember)
6. Which shows did you participate in (cast, p-staff, run crew, etc) while in E-52? If you can't remember, perhaps http://udel.edu/stu-org/e52/pastPerformances.html can help you jog your memory.
7. What is your favorite memory with E-52?
8. How have you stayed involved with theatre after E-52? Any upcoming shows?
9. What would you like to see out of E-52 to make your experience as an E-52 alumni better?
10. Do you have any other important or interesting stories you'd like to share with E-52 members, past and present? (Weddings, births, deaths, enrapturing stories from your travels or life?)
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