Accounts Payable Survey

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1. Do you approve Supplier invoices for payment?
2. Are you aware of the Sox Compliance and Support document requirements for accounts payable invoices?
3. How often do you send Supplier Invoices to Accounts Payable for payment?
4. What address are you sending your Accounts Payable mail to?
5. Did you attend the accounts payable training in November 2012?
6. Do you know where you can access the Accounts Payable Training Document?
7. What is your satisfaction level for services provided by the Accounts Payable Team?
1=Not satisfied
10= Highly satisfied
8. What are the 3 things you would like to see improved asap?
9. Comments or feedback:
**We would apprieciate constructive feedback that will help improve processes.**
10. Optional - Please provide your wwid/location/designation.
This information will help us organise training for you.
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