Family Leadership Institute Applications

1. Family Leadership Institute

Greetings families!
You are invited to apply to attend the Family Voices Leadership Institute! You have either been recommended by another family leader or have self identified as wanting to learn more and/or increase your abilities as a Family Leader. We are very excited about this opportunity to join other families from across the state.

Is this Family Leadership Institute for you? Well, first of all let me say this….YES! Yes because as families, we need to be able to first speak on behalf of our own children, and second because there are many issues we as families face on behalf of our children. So in my opinion, yes….YOUR VOICES COUNT AND ARE MEANINGFUL. We want to provide you with the tools to expand where you are currently and become a united voice with other families to work toward a common good for all.
The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to provide family members with the tools to expand their grassroots advocacy efforts through coalition building and mentoring activities.

Learning Objectives:
1. State leadership --increase capacity and knowledge for family leaders regarding health policy in order to strengthen partnerships and policy development.

2. Individual families - increase awareness and understanding of impact of health issues and services for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

3. Promote and support family/professional partnerships.

4. Increase the families’ ability to navigate the complex service system and access needed services.

5. Provide families with access to information and the opportunities for training.

6. Provide skills necessary for family support and leadership development by bringing together community resources based upon identified family needs.

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