TOOWL questionnaire


Please help us to understand the process of finding and choosing business tools for analytics, collaboration, CRM, finance, accounting, marketing, project management, sales etc. We just use your anonymous input to qualify our upcoming service.
1. To which extent do you think that making the right choice of tools highly affects the profit of building, running and growing a business?

2. To which extend do you feel comfortable, that you currently have the most effective portifolio of business tools?
3. How often do you research on appropriate business tools?
4. To which extent do you think that discovering and choosing the right tools is a very difficult and time consuming process?
5. Which source is most influential on your decision process for choosing business tools. Please rank
Business tool vendorsTool comparison sites and blog recommendersBranded news servicesMy friends & personal networkMy investors and/or mentors
Very important
Not important at all
6. How do you best describe your professional interest in business tools?
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