Understanding OTD Jews

1. At what age(s) did you begin to "go off the derech"?
Feel free to write at length.
2. What would you describe as the main reasons you became OTD?
(This survey is anonymous. Please try to answer as honestly as possible.)
3. If you have criticisms about Orthodox Judaism, what are they? And were they a part of your decision to become OTD?
4. What is your position on: The existence of G-d(s), The existence of an after-life (including reward-and-punishment), the divine origin and nature of the Torah, the existence of something "spiritual"?
(Feel free to include any other issues. This is merely a way to gauge "how" OTD someone is.)
5. How open are you about being OTD today? In the past? Has this been an issue for you?
6. Has your relationship with others (e.g. Family, Friends, Teachers) influenced your decision, either to stay religious or to become OTD? And if so, how? (For example: by providing a welcoming or unwelcoming environment.)
7. How would you describe your religious upbringing? (e.g. Family's religiosity, yeshiva's - if applicable - religiosity, etc.)
8. Would you describe your religious upbringing or experiences as being significantly different from that of your still-religious peers? If so, how?
9. What is the highest level of school you have completed or the highest degree you have received?
10. Are there any assumptions about OTD Jews which you, based on your experience and knowledge, would like to correct?
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