Lopez Library

1. The library staff...(check all that apply)
2. I am aware of library events
3. When I am researching I usually use
4. I am confidant in my skills to
Unable to do thisCould use more helpConfidantExtremely confidant
locate books when using iBistro
evaluate we sites for appropriateness
identify and use key words to search for my topic
find the citation information needed for creating a bibliography
5. I wish the library would...
6. The library assists in helping me become a successful student.
NeverSometimesAt the point of need
By working with me to select appropriate and relevant resources
Helping me with technology
Assisting me with book selection
Teaching me about various resources
7. I think the library would serve me better if
8. I would like to
9. What I really like about our library is
10. I use the library to... (check all that apply)
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