Nomination: Student Employee of the Year


* This form MUST be completed by the student's supervisor.
* ALL student data fields must be complete. This information is necessary should your nomination be chosen as the winner.
* Text boxes must include the minimum number of characters stated. No one-line statements please. This ensures that ALL nominations can be judged fairly.
* Please allot about 30 minutes to complete this form. Once you start, you cannot save the form and return later.
* Deadline for submission: Thursday, March 22, 5 pm.
1. Employer: Name of Department/Area:
2. Department/Work Area Location:
3. First Name of Nominator:
4. Last Name of Nominator:
5. Phone Number of Nominator:
6. Email Address of Nominator:
7. First Name of Nominee:
8. Last Name of Nominee:
9. CWID of Nominee:
10. Local Address of Nominee:
11. Student Employee's Hire Date (in present department):
12. Nominee's Job Title:
13. Nominee's Job Description (max. 1000 characters):
14. Comment on the student employee's reliability. (Be specific: what makes this student reliable?)
(Minimum 500 characters/Maximum 1400 characters.)
15. Comment on the student employee's initiative. (Describe a time or situation when this student took initiative--be specific.)
(Minimum 500 characters/Maximum 1400 characters.)
16. Comment on the student employee's quality of work/professionalism. (Describe in detail, with specific examples if possible.) (Minimum 500 characters/Maximum 1400 characters.)
17. Comment on the student employee's contribution to the department/work area. (Clearly explain the contribution this student makes to your office, lab, etc.) (Minimum 500 characters/Maximum 1400 characters.)
18. Summarize why this student should be named the ULM Student Employee of the Year. Please be as specific as possible. (Minimum 500 characters/Maximum 1400 characters.)
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