Graduation Survey - 2011

1. When did you graduate?
2. Please rank your top 3-5 reasons for coming to WWCC (1 being highest)?
Cost Of Attending
My Friends Were Going To WWCC
Away From Home
Good Academic Program In My Major Area
Advice From The High School
Visited The Campus
Class Size
Convenience of WWCC Outreach Location
Close To Home, Convenient Location
Received Good Financial Aid/Scholarships
Liked The Social Atmosphere/Student Activities
Saw College Ads/Promotional Information
Family Recommendation
3. Indicate your level of satisfaction with the following services/activities/offices. If you did not use them check that box.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedDid Not Use
Business Office
Career Guidance
Children's Center
Computer Labs
Cultural Events
Financial Aid
Intercollegiate Athletics
Intramural Sports
Job Placement Services
Learning Center
Mustang Cruiser
New Student Orientation/Kickoff
Online Support Services
Peer Tutoring
Smart Thinking
Personal Counseling
Personal Growth Workshops
Registration & Records
Services for Students with Special Needs (ADA)
Student Activities (Dances, Lectures, etc)
4. Please rate your satisfaction with the following instructional aspects. Please evaluate each item.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
Overall quality of education
Quality of program in your major
Variety of courses
Challenge of courses
Accessibility of instructors
Helpfulness of faculty
Classroom equipment/facilities
Class size
Overall Academic experience
Availability of courses
Innovativeness of offerings
5. What was your major while attending WWCC?
(Choose from most popular choices or add your degree in the "other" field)
6. Did you change your educational goal during the time you attended WWCC?
7. If you answered Yes to question #6, how many times?
8. Please evaluate your progress towards the WWCC Goals for Student Success listed below. Tell us how your level of knowledge has changed.
Improved SignificantlyImproved SomewhatStayed the SameDecreased SomewhatDecreased Significantly
My ability to communicate in writing
My ability to communicate with the spoken work
My ability to retrieve information
My ability to see issues from multiple perspectives
My ability to solve problems
My ability to develop life skills
9. Please rate the types of learning experiences at WWCC that have been helpful to our intellectual and personal development.
Very HelpfulHelpfulSomewhat HelpfulNot HelpfulDo Not Know
Small group projects
Classroom lectures
Active participation in class activities
Student presentations in class
Workshops and activities
Laboratory courses
Independent research
Campus involvement outside the classroom
10. In what ways have you changed as a result of attending WWCC?
11. What are your plans after leaving WWCC?
12. If you are transferring to another institution, have you been accepted for admission?
13. If you have obtained a job, is it in the area of your major?
14. Rate your overall experience at WWCC
15. Marital Status
16. Ethnic Origin
17. Gender
18. Age
19. Where did you complete most of your WWCC course work?
20. If WWCC would have hired a professional photographer for Commencement how likely would you have been to purchase the pictures? (This would take the place of family coming to the floor to take pictures during the ceremony)
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