S4MS Client Survey

1. Do you have MS or know someone with MS?
2. What type of MS do you or your loved one live with?
3. If you have MS, do you have a child or children? If you know someone with MS, do they have a child?
4. What MS symptoms have you had or currently live with?
5. Sometimes MS can make it difficult to walk long distances. It impacts vision and makes it difficult to sleep. Please share an example of when MS impacted your life, whether you have MS or a loved one does.
6. What are some day-to-day activities made more difficult by MS?
7. When has you or your loved one having MS upset your children?
8. How do you learn about the charities or non-profit organizations you're thinking about donating to? (Check all that apply)
9. Are you interested in receiving support from S4MS? Or in volunteering?
10. Can we contact you with more information about S4MS? If so, please share your email address.
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