Online how-to questionnaire for Users

1. What is your age?
2. What websites do you upload tutorials/how to's to?
3. How do you format your how to's?
4. What do you like most about doing online how to's?
5. Do you just provide how to's or do you use them too?
6. What are the Pro's and Con's of online how to's (as an uploader or viewer)
7. Do you enjoy being part of a community?
8. If cost and location wasn't an issue, do you prefer learning things this way or prefer learning in a classroom? PLEASE GIVE AT LEAST ONE REASON WHY.
9. How often do you use online how to's? (Both uploading and viewing)
DailyWeeklyMonthlyEvery 3-4 monthsEvery 6 monthsOnce a yearNever
10. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 not important, 5 Extremely important), how important are the following factors to online how-to's communities?
Not importantNot necessaryUsefulImportantExtremely importantN/A
Making money
Making friends
Understanding tutorials
Feeling part of a community
Helping people
Ease of use
Categories of subjects
Sharing and representing your talent/work/hobbies
Personalisation to a profile
Creating contacts
Finding solutions
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