Participation Motivation Questionnaire

Please chose 10 items, ranking them 10 (most important) to 1 (least important). DO NOT GIVE ALL ITEMS A NUMBER. YOU MUST ONLY USE A NUMBER ONCE.
Many thanks for participating
1. By choosing the 10 most suitable items of the 19 items listed. Rank these 10 items from 10-1. You only use the numbers 10-1 once and not all items will be allocated a number. The total of your numbers should add up to 55. What are your motivations to participate in sport?
I like the coaches
I want to improve my health
I want to stay in shape
I want to get in shape or stronger
I like the team work
I like to swim in the pool
I like the team spirit
I like to go to meets
I like being on a team
I want to compete at a higher level
I want to improve my skills
I like to have fun
I like to be physically active
I like to exercise
I like to do something that I am good at
I like the challenge
I like the way my body feels when I swim
I want to get rid of fustrations
I want to be with my friends
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