3HO Planning Survey Part 2

Sat Nam,

In order for us to best meet your requests, please take a few minutes to tell us more about what you want by ranking each option listed.
1. 3HO Regional Events in your area (new)
Not InterestedModerately InterestedVery InterestedN/A
Working in partnership with a 3HO Foundation International representative to organize an event in your area
3HO Foundation International organizing an event in your area
Receiving a 3HO Event Manual of your choice to organize that event in your community
Have a 3HO Foundation International Representative visit your community and help with what is needed and or teach a Kundalini Yoga class?
2. Other ideas?
3. 3HO UN NGO International Recognized Days: Meditations, Service Projects and Teachers Curriculums
Not InterestedModerately InterestedVery InterestedN/A
Global Meditations that support the UN recognized day
Service Projects that support the UN recognized day
Teacher Curriculums that support the UN recognized day
4. Other ideas?
5. 3HO Global Community Seva Project (new)
Not InterestedModerately InterestedVery InterestedN/A
As a Global Community of Living Yoga, accomplish 108,000 hours of seva together throughout the world within 2011
Select a common seva project or theme that we all do (example: women, prisons, addictions, stress, sustainable project, a meditation, etc.)
Any seva project counts (we don't share a common theme)
6. Other ideas?
7. Currently Aquarian Times comes to you monthly, full of great information and articles. Would you prefer to have it arrive twice a month, with less content in each issue, easier to digest and read on the go?
9. Would you like to see an Online Community Discussion Board on 3HO.org? On this type of forum we can hold conversations, post messages and questions, and connect with each other anytime.
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