Request for Proposals - 2014 MA Land Conservation Conference

Thank you for submitting a workshop proposal for the 2014 Mass Land Conservation Conference. Next year's conference will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2014, at the Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, MA.

Please submit your proposal(s) no later than Monday, October 28, 2013. We appreciate your help in heeding tight deadlines to make this conference a success.

The theme of next year's conference is “Healthy Land – Healthy Communities.”

Please submit one (1) proposal at a time. If you have any problems contributing your proposal(s) online contact Kathy McGrath (

- We will contact you by mid-November to let you know if your workshop proposal has been accepted or not.

- The Program Committee reserves the right to change workshop titles and descriptions. We will not do so without first discussing this with you.

- In order to provide greater breadth or depth on a topic, the Program Committee may ask you to co-present with a specific person whom you might not yet know.

- If the Program Committee selects your workshop proposal you will receive a complimentary conference registration. You are responsible for bringing or ordering your lunch and for making and paying for your own travel arrangements.
1. Name and contact information of the person proposing the workshop. (Required)
2. What is the TITLE of the workshop you are proposing?
3. Please describe the content of the workshop you are proposing. (100-200 words)
4. Which TRACK would you assign this workshop to?
5. In general, what phrase best describes your intentions for this workshop? (There's no wrong answer here.) "This workshop will focus MAINLY on..."
6. What are the three (3) concepts/understandings/skills that you would want participants in this workshop to "take away" with them? (one sentence each)
7. Briefly describe your qualifications and/or experiences that ARE RELATED TO the workshop you are proposing. (150-200 words)
8. Skip this question if you are the sole presenter.

If there will be a co-presenter involved in this workshop, in addition to you, please provide her/his name and an affiliation. Please only include names of willing and available co-presenters.

If someone is willing to be involved in two workshops, it's quite likely that we can arrange the workshops so s/he can do two (but not three) sessions that don't conflict.

NOTE: Based on feedback from previous conferences, we encourage you to include no more than one (1) co-presenter in your workshop (excluding roundtables and panel discussions).
9. Is there anything else you would like the Program Committee to know? (100-200 words)
10. REVIEW your responses for any final edits or corrections before clicking "Done." Once you submit your RFP, you cannot make changes.

PRINTING: Before you click "Done," you may print this screen to have a record of your RFP submission. Use your own browser's printing tool to print. Survey Monkey does not have an email confirmation feature, but by clicking "Done," your RFP will be submitted, as is.

Thank you for submitting a workshop proposal for the 2014 Mass Land Conservation Conference. The conference will be Saturday, March 22, 2014 at the Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, MA.

Optional: Please feel free to provide feedback on the RFP process below.
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