Hostel-selection Survey

1. Gender
2. Which category below includes your age?
3. Which continent are you from?
4. Have you stayed in hostels previously?
5. Do you choose to stay in hostels over other accommodation types?
6. If you answered sometimes to the previous question, can you elaborate on when you would choose a hostel and why?
7. When looking for a hostel, can you rate below which features are important to you?
Very ImportantImportantIndifferentNot ImportantDoesn't Matter to me
Association with HI, YHA or similar associations
Being part of a chain e.g. Oasis hostels or St Christopher's Inn
Lockers in the rooms
Safe location
Choice of single sex dorms
Choice of private rooms
Good communal areas
Bar in the hostel
Breakfast included
Cleanliness of facilities
Kitchen facilities
Free wifi
Computer stations
Online reviews
Recommendation in guidebook
Value for money
8. What are you main motivations for travelling?
A definite motivationA motivation but not a priorityNot a motivation, but I enjoy this aspect when travellingWouldn't travel for this reasonDefinitely wouldn't motivate me
Meeting local people
Meeting other travellers
Visiting friend and relatives
Learn a language
Learn new skills
Learn about other cultures
Visit attractions
Religious reasons
Work experience
9. When you think about your favourite hostel, what made it so good?
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