2009 Annual Report Survey

Please complete the following short survey to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our annual report
1. How did you receive the CI FY09 annual report
2. Please describe your relationship to CI. Check all that apply:
3. Which of these statements most accurately describes your situation:
4. Please rank the following annual report sections from 1 to 5 (with 1 as the highest rank) based on how much you enjoyed looking at and reading them.
1 - highest2345 - lowestN/A
Leadership Message
2009 Highlights
Donor + Partner Lists
Board, Chairman’s Council + Staff Lists
5. Which of annual report formats, would you prefer:
6. What do you like most about CI’s FY09 annual report:
7. What do you like least about CI’s FY09 annual report:
8. What would you like to see included or omitted in the FY10 annual report:
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