Cosmetics questionnaire


1. Do you wear makeup?
2. Why do you buy cosmetic products?
3. What's your ages?
4. What's your occupation?
5. How much money do you earn per month?
6. How often do you buy cosmetic products?
7. Which are the factors when you decide to purchase cosmetic products?
8. Where do you tend to buy your make-up?
9. Please rate the cosmetic store on their attributes of the following subjects.
Product quality
Employee attitudes
Layout of store
Return policies
10. Do you agree with the following statement?
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
Cheapest products are as good as expensive
I spend too much money on cosmetics
The only guaranty of quality is a recognizable brand
I always the same brands out of habit
I love trying new products
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