A Library Is... and $4

1. Based on the information you've seen (http://walt.lishost.org/2013/06/a-library-is-clearly-feasible-worth-doing/), do you:
Not at allA littleMaybeFairlyVery
Find the book interesting?
Think it likely you'd contribute to C&I to get it?
Think it would encourage you to support Give Us a Dollar?
2. How much would you contribute to C&I to get a copy of the book in a given format?
B&W paperback
B&W signed paperback
B&W signed hardcover
Color signed paperback
3. Are you likely to help crowdsource the next Give Us a Dollar...?
Not at allProbably notMaybeProbably Certainly
4. If maybe, probably or certainly, how much extra would you contribute to get "A Library Is..." in a given format?
Signed paperback
Signed hardcover
Signed color paperback
Signed color hardcover
5. Would you buy "A library is..." on its own?
PDF at $9.99
Paperback at $18.50 or so
Hardcover at $28.50 or so
Color paperback at $50 or so
Color hardcover at $60 or so
Signed color paperback at $60 or so
Signed color hardcover at $70 or so
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