Student Assembly: Member Survey

1. Why did you join APHA? (you can choose more than one answer)
2. Which of the following are activities you would like to participate in if they were available? (Choose as many as you like)
3. Which of the following are barriers to participating in APHA activities?
4. Do you know which APHA affiliate is your local (state) affiliate?
5. Are you a member of your local affiliate?
6. If you are a member, do you feel your affiliate provides you with valuable resources as a student?
7. If you aren't a member, do you have any plans to become a member of your affiliate?
8. Would you be interested in a Student Assembly program to increase student awareness and involvement with affiliates?
9. If Yes, would you be interested in personally working with your affiliate and Student Assembly to develop such a program?
10. Additional Comments and Contact Information
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