Could I be a Raven morning news host?

1. Who are you? Name, email, phone number.
2. Would you be willing to audition as a Raven morning news host?
3. Are you currently employed? If so, where, and what are your hours?
4. Describe your on-air experience, if any.
5. Rate yourself on your ability to read aloud:
Not my strong suit.Okay, with a lot of rehearsal.Okay, with NO rehearsal.Good, with some rehearsal.Good, with NO rehearsal.
6. Rate yourself on your ability to work with computers:
Can’t stand ‘em.Can manage, with helpFairly functional.Competent, can help othersIT skills.
7. How long is a newscast that begins at 5:19 and ends at 5:31:30?
8. How would you pronounce the word “trough” in the following sentence: “A high pressure ridge over the SE gulf will weaken and move onshore, as an inverted trough develops north of Haida Gwaii”?
9. Who represents Sitka in the Alaska Legislature?
10. As a listener, describe Raven Radio’s ideal morning news host.
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