Symposium on Democracy - Global Conflicts

1. Symposium Communication

1. How did you hear about the 2010 Symposium on Democracy on Global Conflicts? (select all that apply)
2. Please evaluate your level of satisfaction in receiving important information regarding the various aspects of the Symposium.
Very InformedWell InformedInformedSlightly InformedNot Informed At All
General Topic and Theme Information
Date Information
Main Plenary Speaker Information
Green Lecture Information
Breakout Session Information
Attendance Policy Information
Ticket Policy Information
3. Do you have any suggestions on how to better promote and communicate Symposium information to the campus community in the future?
4. What factors motivated you the most to attend the Symposium on Global Conflicts? (select up to three)
5. Do you have suggestions for how to increase attendance at Symposium sessions in the future?
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