The Physics Teacher Reader Survey

1. AAPT Member Needs Assessment Survey

To provide better service to you, our valued member, we are seeking information about your experience with AAPT. Please respond to this brief survey. Thank you for your assistance.
1. Please rank the following in the order of your preferred means of learning about AAPT-sponsored programs and events with 1 being most preferred, 2 next preferred, etc., with 5 being least preferred.
The Physics Teacher
E-mail updates
American Journal of Physics
AAPT website
2. What factors most influenced your decision to continue your AAPT membership? (Check the three most important factors.)
3. Please rate your knowledge or awareness of the programs and activities listed below on a scale of 1 to 4.
Never heard ofHeard ofKnow something ofKnow Very Well
Physics Store
US Physics Team/International Physics Olympiad
Physics Bowl
Apparatus Competition
Career Center
High School Physics Photo Contest
Outstanding Physics Student Certificates
Outstanding Teaching Assistant
Barbara Lotze Scholarship
Fuller Fund
Venture Fund
Bauder Fund
4. How important is it that AAPT provides the following benefits and services.
Not ImportantImportantExtremely ImportantN/A
Student participation in meetings
Online meeting information
Group Insurance
Membership Directory
Member discount for meeting registration fees
Physics Today
Online Journals
Journals - print copy
Physics Store
Section News
Career Center
AAPT Awards
5. Choose one of the benefits and services that you rated Extremely Important and let us know why you consider it so important.
6. Choose one of the benefits and services that you rated Not Important and let us know why you consider it not important.
7. You can receive email notification when a new issue of The Physics Teacher and/or the American Journal of Physics is available online by signing up for Table of Contents Alerts. Have you signed up to receive these alerts?
8. How frequently do you access the AAPT Website at