How far ahead do you plan for SC? (SC13 Denver)

SC13 Denver - when do you ...?

Just for fun - how far ahead do you plan your travel for SC? []

Are you the kind of HPC person who books SC13 as soon as SC12 has ended? Or do you leave SC13 travel booking until a week or two before SC13? Of course, it may not be up to you - many attendees need to get travel authority etc. and this is often hard to confirm a long time in advance.
1. Will you be attending SC13?
2. When did you/will you book your hotel for SC13?
3. When did you/will you book for travel (flights) for SC13?
4. When did you/will you register for SC13?
5. Is the timing of your travel planning determined by your organization's approval process for attending SC13?
6. Which country/region are you based in?
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