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How is {grow} coming along?

How is this blog going to get any better without some direct and honest feedback! Would you please take five minutes and let me hear from you? All submissions are anonymous.
1. On average, how would you rate {grow} compared to other marketing blogs you read?
The bestAmong the bestAbout the sameAmong the worstThe worstN/A
I learn things I can use
2. Below I've listed some of the common topics on {grow}. I would be interested to know if you would like to read more, less, or about the same amount on this topic ...
Less of this topicAbout rightMore of this topic
Blogging Best Practices
Human Factors and Social Media
Sales and marketing strategy
Social Media Business Case Studies
Social media trends and forecasts
Stories of personal growth
Twitter Best Practices
3. On average, I write about 18 posts per month on {grow}. How many do you read?
4. I get many of my blog post ideas from reader comments and suggestions. If I could write a blog post for you, what topic would it be?
5. Is there any other feedback you can provide for me that would help me become a more interesting and effective blogger? Thank you!
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