AAMC Minority-Career - Registration Funding Application

Deadline to apply for Registration Funding is April 30, 2014

Our questions have been taken directly from the AAMC application. Please use the same answers you will use for the AAMC application.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee to determine who would most benefit from attending the seminar.

All applicants will be contacted in sufficient time to submit their materials to AAMC by their deadline.
1. Name (Last, First)
2. Current Rank (Note: Associate and Full Professors are not eligible for this program)
3. Degree
4. Primary Department
5. Specialty
6. Are you currently working on a grant application?
7. Are you currently assembling a promotion packet?
8. Preferred Email Address
9. How do you think this seminar would contribute to your success in academic medicine? (Please limit your response to 250 words).
10. Please describe in 150 words or less your present institutional responsibilities (include Administration, Clinical Education, Research, and Other (where applicable).
In addition to this application, also submit (in Pdf format) your current CV and Letter of Support from your Chair, Vice Chair, or Division Chief to Kathleen.Rancourt@umassmed.edu by the deadline.
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