Survey for Government Radio Users of VHF (150-174 MHz) and UHF (450-512 MHz) Radios in Illinois


Please only take the Survey one time.
You will be asked a series of questions regarding quantities of radios. You will need a breakdown of radios by Band (VHF and UHF), then by type (i.e., High Power Base, Low Power Base, High Power Mobile, Low Power Mobile, Portable, and Tone Pager)
If the quantity is none indicate that with a '0'.

1. Agency Name (Make sure you put proper name first, i.e., King County Sheriff; Smithville Police; Jonestown; etc)
2. Agency
PoliceFireEMSPublic WorksPublic HealthEMAOther
Select Agency Type (Choose all that Apply)
3. Address
4. Person Completing Survey
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