Ocala Rock Gym

1. Have you ever been to a climbing gym or have climbed outdoors ?
2. If yes, what type of climbing do you spend most of your time doing?
3. If you currently go to a fitness center, what is your monthly payment ?
4. If you do not currently have a fitness membership, what would you pay ?
5. Have you ever considered going to/joining a climbing gym ?
6. How often do you / would you go to the gym ?
7. If there were an ideal climbing gym in Ocala, describe what you would want most in that gym.
8. What is the furthest that you would travel to a gym ?
9. If you would like, please provide your zipcode. (for demographic purposes)
10. Please add any extra thoughts or comments you have here or Email us at OcalaRockGym@gmail.com. Thank you.
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