Museum of Russian Icons: Educators' Museum Visit Survey

1. When did you visit the Museum of Russian Icons?
Date of visit:
2. What grade level and subject do you teach?
3. What were your objectives in bringing your students to the Museum of Russian Icons?
4. Do you feel that your objectives were met? Please explain.
5. Which factors influenced your decision to visit the Museum with your students?
Please rank each option from 1 (most important) to 5 (least important)
Alignment with curriculum standards
Opportunity to expand upon or support classroom learning
Uniqueness of Museum's collection
6. Please rate the following:
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disasgreeAgreeStrongly agree
The tour guides encouraged student participation.
The tour guides gave students a greater understanding of Russian culture and art.
The information presented was relevant to what students are learning in the classroom.
The tour guides facilitated an effective learning experience.
Students enjoyed their visit to the Museum.
The logistics of the visit, including reserving the date, were hassle-free.
7. What one word would you use to describe your overall visit to the Museum of Russian Icons?
8. Are you likely to recommend that your colleagues bring their students to the Museum?
9. Did you engage your students in a lesson or discussion about the Museum of Russian Icons and/or related subjects (such as Russian history, culture, or art) either before or after your visit?
10. Please share any additional comments, ideas, and suggestions you may have.
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