EOPS Orientation Pre-Assessment

1. Please enter your student identification number:
2. Please enter your email address:
3. Name three student services available at CCSF, and three services offered by EOPS:
4. List two educational goals available at CCSF, and name a CCSF resource where you can find a list of important date/deadlines for each semester:
5. State the minimum number of degree applicable units required to
6. List the four systems of higher education (beyond high school) in California:
7. Identify the four subject areas of the CSU General Education requirements, which must be fulfilled in order to transfer to a CSU and the minimum grade point average required to transfer to a CSU:
8. List two academic reasons for which students are placed on "probation" (please be specific):
9. Provide the terms for the following transcript symbols:
10. Identify three types of financial aid:
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