Dear Revere Resident,

Last year I took office with a vision that includes increased economic development, a commitment to keep our streets clean and safe, along with maintaining a first class educational system for all of Revere’s children. Along with these goals I am committed to ensuring that every community member has a voice.

What follows is a survey to get your suggestions on resident communication with City Government and to solicit your ideas on how we can help to improve City services. Whether you recently moved to Revere or have been a resident here all of your life your input is crucial to my Administration.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to complete this survey.

Sincerely yours,

Mayor Daniel Rizzo
1. I receive enough information from the City to stay informed.
2. During the past 12 months how would you rate the changes to the Revere Police Department.
3. Are you familiar with the Office of New Revere Residents and if so what would you like to see the office do to help newcomers?
4. What do you think the top priorities for the City of Revere should be for the coming year?
5. Would you be in favor of a professional soccer stadium being located in the City of Revere?
6. Have you visited City Hall recently, and if so which department did you visit?
7. Please rate your experience in the department you visited most recently.
8. What types of community initiatives would you be interested in being a part of?
9. In the last 12 months how would you rate the direction the city is going in?
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