Post test: Incorporating students into a busy practice

Please complete the following post-test as a requirement of receiving CME credit for this module.
1. Please leave your name and email address so that you may receive credit for the post-test.
2. Do you have a welcoming/orientation letter for new medical students who come to your practice?
If the answer to Question #1 was “Yes,” please email or fax 706-721-8508 to the AHEC office for our files.
3. If the answer to Question #1 was “No,” please consider writing an orientation letter soon (put yourself in the student’s shoes . . . . . ) . As preparation for writing an orientation letter, list 5 topics which you think are important to review with the student before he/she begins to work with you.
4. Your junior medical student has evaluated her patient and presented her history & physical examination findings to you. What 3 questions will quickly diagnose your learner, showing insight into what she knows, doesn’t know, and her clinical reasoning skills?
5. You will be out of the office all day Thursday. What are some activities that you could involve the student in to enrich his clinical education/experience while you’re away? (Choose all that apply)
6. Name 2 strategies you already use or you think might be useful to efficiently incorporate a student into a busy clinical practice
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