Request to the BAJC Board of Trustees to Consider Kate Judd for the "Rabbi" Position

Please indicate below whether you agree Kate should be included for consideration.
And, if you are so inclined, please give her a ranking, as we did for the Rabbi candidates:
1. Kate Judd should be included for consideration by the search committee before a final decision is reached:
2. How strong a fit for BAJC do you find Kate Judd to be (optional)?
1 - Not a good fit2345 - Basherte! (Meant to be)
3. Any comments you would like to share with us, or you would like us to present to the Board along with these results (optional):
4. Your name (optional):
5. Please confirm you are currently a member of Congregation Shir Heharim. and have completed this survey only once:
תודה רבה
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