St. Francis Xavier Parish Survey

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Years in Parish
4. I experience God most through
5. Over the next five years, I would hope that my parish would provide: (check those of interest that you would actually attend)
6. If you chose "support groups", "classes/workshops", or "other" in questions 4 or 5, please describe here.
7. Finish the following statement: "With regards to faith formation in this parish, wouldn't it be nice if . . ."
8. The greatest obstacle(s) facing my personal participation in opportunities to grow in faith at St. Francis Xavier is (are):
9. Given what you know of Christ Renews His Parish, what would keep you from attending this weekend retreat?
10. I would be available to attend events on the following days/times:
Lunch during the day
Saturday morning
Tuesday evening after Mass
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