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Take Your Project to a New Level...

The Office of School Partnerships facilitates partnership, develops collaborative programs and secures project funding to connect UMass Lowell faculty and public schools in northeast Massachusetts and southeast New Hampshire.

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1. Please describe your role in the educational community.
2. UMass Lowell Survey

I am a:
3. I want to connect with a school or district with the following demographics: (check all that apply)
I want to conduct research among:
a. High minority population
b. Low performance in English Language Arts
c. Low performance in STEM subjects
d. High performance in English Language Arts
e. High performance in STEM subjects
f. preK
g. elementary school
h. middle school
i. high school
j. High percentage of low-income families
k. High percentage of English language learners
4. Please describe your work at UMass Lowell, then skip to question 8 (on page 2) to finish the survey.
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