MABRAcross 2010


1. What is your gender? How old are you in 2010 (in cyclocross years)? What is your current USAC CX category? Which MABRAcross field did you race in 2010?
Gender2010 CX Age2010 CX Category2010 MABRAcross Field
2. What USAC cyclocross category do you plan to race next season (2011)? Do you plan to race in the same field or a different field next season (2011)?

For example, if you raced in the Masters' 3/4 in 2010 and plan to race Masters' 1/2/3 in 2011, you'll be racing a "higher field". Moving from Men's 3/4 in 2010 to Masters' 3/4 in 2011 would be an "older field". Not sure? Just pick one.
2011 CX Category2011 MABRAcross Field
3. Which races did you attend 2010? Note we are listing more than just MABRAcross races.
4. Do you target a series?
Primary focusSecondary focusNeutralI avoid these
Non-series races
5. Which races do you plan to attend in 2011? Note we are listing more than just MABRAcross races.
6. With Nationals moving to January, would you race locally in December?
7. Please rate the criteria MABRAcross should use for call-ups.
Most prefered2nd3rd4thLeast prefered
Current system (top 16 riders with MABRAcross points, then order of pre-reg)
All riders with MABRAcross points
Order of pre-reg
Crossresults score
Top 16 MABRAcross then Crossresults score
8. How important are the following aspects when you are deciding to attend a race?
Most ImportantVery ImportantKinda ImportantNot Important
Getting MABRAcross points
How well it's organized
Friend's recommendation
Driving distance
Family activities
9. What would you change about MABRAcross for 2011? Seriously, have at it.
10. Please leave your name and email address if you wish to identify yourself to the MABRAcross staff. We may contact you at our convenience for additional feedback.
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