FBI Hostage Situation, Dale County, Alabama

1. Media Reach:
2. Media Type
3. What is your role within the organization
4. How many stories per day did your media outlet produce?
5. Please Rate your overall impression of information flow within the first few days of the incident
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Suffcient Information to do my job
Some information
Little Information
No Information
6. Please Rate your overall media relations experience with the public information officers you encountered while covering the story.
No one would return my callsNot Helpful At AllSomewhat HelpfulNeutralHelpfulExtremely HelpfulN/A
FBI National Press Office
FBI Mobile Press Office
Alabama Department of Public Safety (State Troopers; ABI)
Dale County Sheriff's Department
7. Please Tell us how we can improve our relationships with you during these type situations.
8. Please Tell Us About Your Outlet
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