CCSU Continuing Education / ITBD Online-Class Survey

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Please note this survey is in regard to only (online/non-credit) courses.

1. How likely are you to take an on-line (computer based) non-credit course?
2. What type(s) of on-line, non-credit courses are you interested in taking? (Select all that apply)
3. What duration of on-line, non-credit classes are you interested in? (Select all that apply)

4. Are you interested in taking on-line, non-credit classes for professional certification?
5. What categories of on-line, non-credit classes are you most interested in taking. (Select all that apply)
6. Specifically what on-line, non-credit class or classes would you like have offered through continuing education?
7. How much are you be willing to pay for an on-line, non-credit class? (select all that apply)
8. What do you see as the greatest barrier to furthering your on-line education? (select one)
9. Are you a:
10. What is you age group?
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