Worm Bins at GMC

1. Please rate how much you know about worm bins (AKA Vermiculture)
What's a worm bin?Not much.I understand the concept.I know the basics.I know enough to teach others.
2. How much do you care about composting in the residence halls?
3. Would you rather use the standard composting system or continue experimenting with worm bins in GMC hubs?
4. Do you have any complaints about a particular composting bin on campus?
5. If you had a complaint about a particular bin, would you like to elaborate?
6. Would you like to serve as a point person for a compost bin?*

*(In order to have a bin on a given floor, two point people must volunteer.)

For the trial period this spring, there will only be one bin per residence hall, with a few bins on specialty floors. If enough people volunteer and keep the bins tidy, the program may expand to more floors next year.
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